Other Examples of Intimidation

• In January 2007 at Downing St in Denver, in front of his then wife, and VICTIM 2, and another witness, Williams threatened to smash the victim’s car, and ran off toward the parking garage. Williams’ wife said, “I’ll go stop him,” and ran off after him.
• In the fall of 2006, Williams held a gun in his car at the same Denver address toward a pedestrian who he had a minor confrontation with.
• In February 2007, Williams has indicated suicidal, and homicidal, tendencies. Also, on Feb. 5, 2007 at an evening meeting regarding William’s real estate dealings at Coors Way, in Arvada CO, once again those around him reasonably feared that Williams would get a gun and start shooting people.

Misuse of Power of Attorney

VICTIM 3 had signed a Power of Attorney form to give Williams authority to rent out his condo. After a dispute with his own client, a third-party witness, VICTIM 2, testifies that Williams claimed that the Power of Attorney gave him virtually unlimited authority over the property, and Williams then smashed the door of the unit to gain entry, trashed and gutted the apartment, removing the kitchen cabinets, kitchen countertops, stove, refrigerator, toilet, and bathroom vanity. When VICTIM 3 discovered the damage and theft, he revoked William’s Power of Attorney and publicly posted that revocation at the unit.