Pattern of Suspicious Claims

Those close to Shaun Williams (Christian Sky) for a few decades have been suspicious of his various insurance claims. From a fire in his apartment in which his most prized possessions just happened to have been safe in his automobile, to car crashes including when he rammed his motorcycle into an expensive vehicle leaving a bar at closing time, people who knew Shaun had a hard time believing his claims. He has filed suspicious (to some who know Williams) claims in three states that we know of, Illinois, Colorado, and North Dakota. (If you know of others, please let us know. Thanks!)

Click here to view the list of civil lawsuits in ND. It was current as of 11/24/19

For updates to Williams/Sky’s North Dakota lawsuits, click over to and select State of ND, click Civil, Family, & Probate, last name = Sky, first name = Christian, click Search.
If you repeat the search with last name = Williams, first name = Shaun, middle name = [blank or Robert] you will find a couple more of his lawsuits such as vs. E.S. and C.A.S. And of course, sadly, if you repeat the search for Criminal/traffic, last name Sky, first name Christian, you will find various cases including misdemeanors and a felony charge of sexual activity with a person who suffers from a mental disease.