Forged Verification of Deposit

Realtor for buyer, Williams, falsified Verification of Deposit by putting the buyer’s name, VICTIM J.E, on Williams’ checking account to falsify income.


Conspiring to Conceal Forgery

Regarding the William’s forgery discovered on verification of insurance documents, Williams was repeatedly heard by friends (including VICTIM E.H, another one of his buyers) asking them, “Who can I pay to take the blame for this? Who will take the fall for this?” 

Forged Insurance Verification

Eastern Insurers, Godwin Ave, Midland Park, NJ, Agent VICTIM 4, claim representative VICTIM 5, 201 445-0100, fax 201 445-8392. Shaun Williams falsified an insurance form, and then forged VICTIM 5’s signature. When the form was faxed to Eastern Insurers by the lender for verification, Eastern Insurers discovered the forgery, then assumed the buyer VICTIM 1 forged the document. When pressed, Williams admitted that he had forged the document, and not the buyer. Eastern Insurers demanded that Williams send a letter of acknowledgment and apology, which he did, though attempting to introduce ambiguity in the wording in case he was ever investigated.

Forged Death Certificate

By his own repeated admissions including as recently as Feb. 5, 2007, Williams forged his own grandmother’s death certificate. VICTIM C.S was custodian of securities for Williams over tens of thousands of dollars worth of inherited stock in Philip Morris Company and PSE&G, a New Jersey power utility corporation. Williams broke into his adopted fathers home (in which he was no longer welcome for criminal and other behavior) and stole the securities. He then forged his grandmother’s death certificate, and went across state lines to reduce the chance of being caught in his successful effort to cash the securities.