Systematic Misrepresentation of Commission

As he has done with other clients, both friends and relatives, Williams misrepresented to CLIENT W.D that he was helping him as a friend and therefore the buyer would save the money that would otherwise go to a Realtor’s commission. In reality, Williams collected a full commission. He used this misrepresentation with other clients including:
• CLIENT J.S.W, of Schaumburg and now Elgin IL. This client fought with Williams for months until Williams finally reimbursed them for the amount of his 2005 Keller Williams referral commission on their real estate transaction as he had originally promised.
• VICTIM 1 was promised by Williams that he would help the victim for free, on the purchase of a W 64th Place, Arvada CO property, specifically, that VICTIM 1 would save the amount of the Realtor’s commission. Not only did Williams end up collecting a full commission at closing, but further, he went from claiming he was helping for free, to threatening VICTIM 1 that legally, the victim could not work with any other Realtor. VICTIM 1 indicates never having signing a Buyer Agency Agreement, and yet, “A staff worker at my old school in Arvada was selling her home, and I wanted to look at it, and Shaun told me, ‘You’re not legally allowed to look at any properties with any other realtor. You have a contract with me.’” This was after Williams had told VICTIM 1 he was helping for free.