Obsessed with filing lawsuits

Shaun Williams (aka Christian Sky) has a practice of making cellphone videos of his normal interactions including at the public library, at church, at medical offices and hospitals, at the courthouse, etc., in hopes of catching something he can file a lawsuit over. Those close to him are aware of settlements he has received over the last decades, the most recent being in 2019. He seems to prefer to live from settlement to settlement, rather than hold down longterm employment. (Feel free to share with us any example you are familiar with.)


You can download that 11/24/2019 image here. For updates to Williams/Sky’s North Dakota lawsuits, click over to publicsearch.ndcourts.gov and select State of ND, click Civil, Family, & Probate, last name = Sky, first name = Christian, click Search.

If you repeat the search with last name = Williams, first name = Shaun, middle name = [blank or Robert] you will find a couple more of his lawsuits such as vs. E.S. and C.A.S. And of course, sadly, if you repeat the search for Criminal/traffic, last name Sky, first name Christian, you will find various cases including misdemeanors and a felony charge of sexual activity with a person who suffers from a mental disease.

6 thoughts on “Obsessed with filing lawsuits

  1. He is back in jail. No bond, for violating a restraining order. He also wrecked his car again. Beyond drivable, I wonder who will get sued for that.


      1. It’s him going on and on about needing a lawyer to sue me for Perjury. And a bunch of crazy Christian sky whack job stuff. I can’t look at him for long. He’s an inside out snake. He disgusts me. I wish he’d get thrown under the jail n left there.


  2. Oh and he’s tried to sue me a few times. 3 or more for 150 dollars each time. He sustained emotional trauma while he was stalking me. Now he’s appealed to the Supreme Court.
    He has a YouTube channel. It’s him calling the fbi or cops or both on me. I can’t watch it. The long video is down and unattainable unless I get a lawyer so far as I can tell. I need a lawyer because this guy has ruined my life. He’s violated at least four laws and provided the proof himself. In writing. In print. Online. If I had a lawyer it would be easy time on him. With his new found mental illness he gets special treatment. A double a felony.
    Unfortunately, I’m afraid to leave my house because of him. I’m afraid to be around people. I’m scared to work. He ruined my life. I can’t even afford a lawyer now. This sucks. Since he’s a stranger stalker not a domestic violence stalker there’s not much for me.
    He got me fired. He held a gun to my head. It turned out to not be a gun but I didn’t know that at first. He slept in the Walmart parking lot stalking me. He violated the restraining order I’m not even sure how many times. He dominates the Nd creeper page for women. Hundreds of comments are posted. He has attacked realtors when they show him properties. He’s an actual malevolent being.


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