US Navy Denies Williams’ SEAL Claim

In the attached document “US Navy Response re Shaun R Williams 16-185”, Captain, U.S. Navy  JD Thorleifson affirms that Shaun Williams is not and was never a Navy SEAL. See also the same finding from SEAL Team One Don Shipley.

US Navy Response re Shaun R Williams 16-185
Seal Team One Shipley re S Williams

Letter to Judge regarding violation of restraining order

After spending about 100 days in the county jail, in June 2016 Williams wrote the following letter to Jefferson County Judge Carpenter:

Your Honor,
I wanted you to personally know my repenting and sympathies to and through my mother which by a court order is allowed for my hateful actions and arguments over money which I explained and I am completely opposed to acting like that especially after the kind of dedication of leadership so many have shared with me.
My guilt of being a jerk is in someway connected to this change. though now I am thankful for the beginning of wisdom of the protection order substance to follow and ethical and respectful behavior to treat all persons.
I do not want to feel in opposition to you the judge or the law. I am also in a self diagnosis stage that will include expert diagnosis on my mental aggression that I hope strongly always to control and be a tender sensitive person to others.
If you feel I’m truly guilty by definition, I know that you do not seek injustice and would ask you talk to my PD John Chase before trial if that’s what you believe to avoid my family further seeing me in opposition to them through this charge, which I would prefer them to be comfortable as much as possible. My mother and I have already discussed how to solve our family issues and address my selfish ambitions through proactive measures. There is even already talk of my relatives removing protection order in one year if I have a job and am responsible. It means the world to me to be loved by them right now. Though I am intensely guilty of being a bad person, and still have major hateful feelings I know needing medical and/or mental treatment. My family arranged me to go to the crisis center which my heart is feeling right about.
Pg 2
Please call me for sentencing if you believe I am guilty. I know this place [jail] allows me to dry out and feel hurt which helps understand the feelings of the victims I’ve hurt. By the
Like the police have been told I was aware a restraining order could exist and told not to go 500 yards from my relatives. I was never told I could be arrested and honestly never dealt in this situation, but glad to be able to self reflect on how important words impact others both good and bad.
I have seen evil in this jail, and I have also seen cracks of God. I do thank you for your destruction upon the evil. And one day I hope to be a part of the movement in Minding Philippines of actual kidnapping prevention and criminals captured. Our (US) efforts are already in midsts of Asian police officer or military training there. I’ve only heard rumors but seen slight lack of justice intelligence against foreignors [sic]. Although we did seize their own country from them and kill many of their own but returned their nation (Philippines) to them upon Independence Day.
The federal agent movie Soccario [sic] and Asian military leader assassin movie Luitenant [sic] ___________ (something like Heisen) from Philippines are true must sees if you appreciate which I’m sure you do historian films and films unvolving [sic] actual severely dangerous criminal movements.

Singapore I heard is a must visit.

Best Regards
Shaun R Williams
soon to be
Sky Guardian

Click this link to see the original handwritten letter:
S Williams 2pg ltr to judge 201606