VICTIM 3 Death Threat Particulars

• VICTIM 3 indicates that Williams told them he had just purchased a gun, and then Williams “threatened to kill us… He threatened to put a hole in our heads, and he said that to me and [my spouse].”
• VICTIM 2 recounts the story of Williams asking the Hispanic laborers at the Yosemite Street Condominium complex, “How much do you want to kill VICTIM 3?” to which one of the two replied, “We’ll shoot him for $1,000.” Williams continued, “No, not shoot him. Kill him!” And Williams added, “You can use my gun, it has a scope on it.” VICTIM 2 indicates that he repeatedly urged Williams to “shut up,” hoping he was joking.
• VICTIM 2, eventually the duly elected president of the Yosemite HOA, was happy to get contact information for VICTIM 3, and wanted to meet the victim, to conduct HOA business, since VICTIM 3 was also a property owner of a distressed unit in the Yosemite Street Condominium complex at risk of foreclosure. However, VICTIM 3’s spouse was so fearful from the threat, that she urged VICTIM 3 not to meet VICTIM 2, fearing it was just a trap for Williams to kill VICTIM 3.
• CLIENT W.D recounts that in the fall of 2006, Williams repeatedly stated that if VICTIM 3 shows up at William’s property, Williams would kill him. These statements were apparently made repeatedly in front of several witnesses.

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