Death Threats

(Investigation by Denver Police and Arvada Police, APD Case #07-2553, Williams was picked up for a mental health hold by Douglas County)

Regarding Williams repeated attempted sale of the “Wynspire property” located in Highlands Ranch, CO.

VICTIM E.H, employed as a master plumber with a well-established Plumbing company, realized the mortgage fraud that Williams was committing “supposedly on my behalf,” and to purchase this property for 50% over its reasonably estimated value. Two days before closing, VICTIM E.H backed out of the deal. Williams began to berate VICTIM E.H, and informed the victim that Williams had purchased a gun the day before (which he actually had purchased). Williams indicated that he had put $4,000 of his own money as down payment toward the purchase of this house, and if VICTIM E.H backed out, the victim would be robbing Williams of that $4,000. [Williams also makes other related financial claims against VICTIM E.H] VICTIM E.H claims that at this point Williams threatened to kill both VICTIM E.H and VICTIM E.H’s spouse. Local law enforcement picked up Williams for other death threats that Williams made in statements to VICTIM B.S, and VICTIM A.S.


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