Death Threats Against those Revealing Fraud

• On Feb. 5, 2007, VICTIM 4 and VICTIM 5 were discussing the very difficult circumstances of exposing Williams’ real estate fraud and its aftermath, when Williams ran to the front door in anger, screaming that he’s going to start killing people.
• On Feb. 6, 2007, Williams issued a threat to VICTIM 4, that his real estate problems would only be solved through bloodshed, or if VICTIM 6 gives $34,000 to Williams. At this point, the various police jurisdictions began to work together to intervene. Williams later agreed to a family negotiated out-of-court settlement to stop the Yosemite HOA and VICTIM 1 and VICTIM 2, from suing Williams, and so he gave a cashier’s check of $30,000 to VICTIM 2 the newly appointed HOA president, who deposited that check with then Treasurer of the Yosemite Street Condominiums HOA into a newly created HOA account to go toward repairs of property damaged by Williams, to replace a boiler, repair the electrical system and pay off an Xcel energy lien. Williams later regretted giving those funds, and has demanded return of the $30,000 plus $3,200 from a previous agreement that he also now regrets, rounding up the amount demanded to $34,000.

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