Complainant Learns of Death Threat

Looking into the impropriety of William’s real estate deals, this complainant contacted VICTIM 3, and was told the story of this death threat. When the complainant shared this story separately with two of Williams’ other clients, they both added their own, credible accounts of Williams threatening to kill VICTIM 3. These clients are VICTIM 2, and CLIENT W.D, who purchased a HUD property in Jan. 2007 with Williams as his Realtor. With that corroborating evidence, the complainant urged VICTIM 3 to report this death threat to the police, which the victim did, which began an investigation by Denver Police homicide detective Joel Humphrey. Detective Humphrey has interviewed CLIENT W.D and that client’s spouse, VICTIM 3, VICTIM 2, Shaun Williams, and it is believed, William’s then wife. Det. Humphrey successfully brought his concern to other local jurisdictions, resulting in Williams being picked up by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department for a mental health hold, and Arvada Police officer J. Hotchkiss, taking the matter seriously and taking a report of other threats issued in Arvada.

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