Collected Rent on Foreclosure Property

Williams moved tenants into a foreclosure property and he collected rent from them even though he had no legal right to rent it. In 2006, an intervention meeting was set up to help Williams by his relatives who were concerned that he was routinely violating real estate law. An established local realtor volunteered to speak with Williams, and during that meeting, it was identified by that realtor, and Williams did not dispute, that this act of collecting rent on this foreclosed property could result in Williams losing his Real Estate license. Williams has since stated in discussions with his family that his dealings regarding this Sanderling Way home were illegal.

As became his routine with other properties, Williams grossly exaggerated renovations he claimed to have done on this Sanderling Way home and he then placed a spurious mechanics lien on the property.

Williams has bragged to his family and others that he lived in this Sanderling Way home rent-free for about a year.

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